About V.O.R.T.P.

The fact is U.S. military personnel that spend time in stressful and or dangerous situations for extended periods of time and intensity are affected emotionally,physically, mentally, and spiritually. These men and women have had to shut off self will, emotion, and moral convictions to carry out their orders. Unfortunately after service, a high percentage of returning veterans have a difficult time adjusting to a civilian life where this warrior mentality seems out of place. During their time of service he or she may have lost teammates, friends, and comrades. They themselves may have had to bear the brunt of dangerous and difficult work for extended periods of time without rest and without comfort or safety. The United States service member has suffered loss of limbs, head injuries, burns, PTSD, carcinogens, toxins, disease, homelessness, incarceration, and every other calamity including death by suicide since we have become a free nation. Too many veterans come home and have an extremely difficult time relating their experiences to loved ones, and friends. The returning veteran feels disconnected, and disassociated. They have been changed by the experiences of war and military service. This tragic truth hurts both the veterans, their families ,and ultimately our country. No one can’t change the realities of war or military service but we may be able to plant some seeds of love, kindness, understanding, that will eventually bear good fruit in the lives of those men and women we call Veterans.

With the support of Veterans for Veterans of Archuleta county Colorado a 501C3 non-profit organization and Wilderness Journeys of Pagosa Springs Colorado an outdoor recreational activities provider. The Veterans Outdoor Recreational Therapy Project (V.O.R.T.P.) hopes to provide veterans and their families with happy, memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. On These foundations can be built a lifetime of healing. With so many resources and outdoor activities available in and around beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We have a wonderful and unique opportunity to provide recreational activities for Veterans and their families. The activities offered include but are not limited to: Guided Fly Fishing, Guided Horseback trail riding, River Rafting, Scenic Train rides, Trips to Native American sites such as Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon, 4×4 Jeep tours, Mountain Biking, Guided Lake Fishing, and much more. V.O.R.T.P will also provide Lodging for 2 nights and include continental breakfast and supper. A sack Lunch will be provided during the activities. It’s a complete package so all the worry is taken out. 3 days and two nights next to one of the largest natural mineral hot springs in the world. A healing place for thousands of years. We hope to raise enough funds for this project to not only see it established here in Pagosa Springs, Colorado but we hope to bring V.O.R.T.P to other locations throughout the United States. This project is about welcoming veterans home, reaching out and helping With the readjustment process, and presenting healthy lifestyle choices that will help relieve stress naturally. Will you please join us in supporting Veterans and their families today.


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