Thanks for all of the Help!
I am happy to announce right now we are at around one year from the time the proposal for VORTP was presented to the board of directors until now. I am so happy that the Veterans Outdoor Recreational Therapy Project has come this far. I would like to thank all of the people that made it happen this year.
Veterans for Veterans of Archuleta County for all that they do for our Vets here in Southern Colorado. I can’t tell you what a great group of people this truly is. I have had the opportunity to sit in on a few board meetings to talk about VORTP and the amount of effort these men and women put in to helping veterans is humbling to me. After careful thought and deliberation, VORTP was brought on as a special program of Veterans for Veterans. All donations go straight to Vets for Vets Bank account and they allocate funds to pay for the trips. With out Veterans for Veterans, VORTP would not be where we are today. Their professionalism, dedication, and sacrifice is an inspiration to me.
Thanks for all the help.

Wilderness Journeys Pagosa
What is an outdoor program for Veterans if you don’t have guides to the adventure, transportation, or someone who knows how to bring about a great outdoor experience? As soon as I was given the permission to proceed from Vets for Vets. I went straight to Wilderness Journey’s of Pagosa Springs with Raymond Taylor our County Veterans Rep. I had asked him to join me in Speaking to Kevin Metzler the owner and proprietor of Wilderness Journeys about the project. The meeting was short and sweet and Kevin said we could count on Wilderness Journeys and their staff to support VORTP. There was no hesitation. He and all of his staff have been more than generous with their time. Thank you Kevin, Holly, and Theresa with an “H” and guides

XBLU Web Development
With that I was overwhelmed and knew I needed to get the website up and fast. Kevin Metzler recommended that I speak with his friend and colleague Charlie Burns with Xblu. That was some good advice because Charlie has been a Godsend to this project. Without his valuable time and expertise the vision of would not be the multimedia machine that it is. But that’s what it takes to get the job done for helping Veterans and their families through outdoor activities. Teamwork!

Donors and Sponsors
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the generous donors and Corporate Business Sponsors. Because of these kind people we can proudly say that we have our first two events under our belt. One Guided Rafting trip and one Guided Horse-back trail ride. And now for our 3rd trip we are sending 6 Veterans and V-family members on a Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Train Railroad. VORTP could not serve Veterans and their families without you. Thank you for being a part of the team!
Activities Providers
The goal and mission is to help Veterans and their Families through outdoor recreation.
I would like to thank those do the work.
Thank you for your Service!

VORTP’s Goals
1. Establish V.O.R.T.P by uniting Veterans for Veterans a 501 C3 non-profit organization and Wilderness Journy’s of Pagosa Springs to provide the above mentioned services for Veterans and their Families.
2. Build a working and effective website explaining and promoting the Veterans Outdoor Recreational Therapy Project.
3. Utilize the V.O.R.T.P. website for fundraising adding a (donate here button) linked to a Veterans for Veterans Bank account where they will allocate funds to support the project.
4. Reaching out to the general public, veterans organizations , and businesses that may want to support V.O.R.T.P by fundraising or collaborition for specific events.
5. Raise enough capital to intiate VORTP Memorial Day 2018.
6. Contact as many Activities Providers as possible with in the USA and with permission add them to our Activities Providers List. The hope of VORTP is to fill our AP page with at least 100 different providers by the end of our 2nd year.
7. Promote and fundraise for organizations providing Free Outings for Veterans and their families throughout the United States.
8. Raise enough funds with in a 2 year period to purchase an existing Lodge, with no less than 35 acres bordering Public land such as National Forrest or BLM land to operate as a headquarters for V.O.R.T.P. and Lodging for Veterans during their stay in the Pagosa Springs area.

Operating Procedures for VORTP.

All activities are to be paid for by Donations and or sponsorships.
All events will be booked only when sufficient funds are available in the designated (VORTP) Veterans for Veterans of Archuleta County bank account.
Specific event details such as Date Time Location and a description of the event will be used to create a digital Poster.
The event poster will added to the Events Page.
The event poster will be used to market and promote awareness of the event by sending it out in E-mails, and social media sites.
All event posters will contain a link to a veterans sign up sheet.
The digital sign up sheet will ask for basic information along with verification of military or veteran status.
All Veterans wanting to participate in a specific event must fill out the sign up sheet to participate.
All sign up sheets will be reviewed by VORTP staff or Veterans for Veterans
The applicant will be contacted for confirmation of their participation after acceptance.
All applications will be accepted or denied on a first come first serve basis.
Upon arrivial the Veteran will present a copy of his or her DD214 and Valid Military or VA ID, or Award letter and ID card to verify the veteran’s status unless already confirmed by the Veterans Administration service officer or VA Hospital. Regular State or Federal ID will be accepted at that point.
Participants will need to bring reccomended items, for example Boots, Jackets, Hygene kit, etc…We will provide the reccommendations when the appointment is confirmed. Via E-Mail.
Be present and accounted for during all scheduled activities and therapy sessions. (Roll Call).
Veterans are not allowed to drink alcohol or used illigal drugs at any time during the program.
Any particiapants found to be under the influence of Illigal Narcotics or Alcohol will not be permitted to particiapate in VORTP activities and will be asked to leave.

VORTP Process outline:
Utilize the website to bring awareness to Veterans of VORTP (Marketing)
Events Scheduled
Poster Created with a link to sign up sheet.
Veteran sees the poster and fills out the sign up sheet to participate
Veteran is confirmed as a participant.
Information about the trip is sent to the Veterans E-mail address
Veteran shows up to the destination.
Veterans participate in VORTP event
Veteran is given an information package regarding Suicide prevention,VA Benefits and resources.
Follow up survey is sent to the Veterans e-mail address.
information from the survey will be used to guide VORTP to the best service model for our Veterans.

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